Child Obesity

I felt like writing so gonna post another blog. So tonight in my social foundations of leisure class, half of the presentations on a leisure topic of our choice went and I was blown away by how good they were. I present next week and I definitely have to pick it up and make my presentation better. One of them really touched me. Her topic was childhood obesity. There is so much to talk about with this, but I thought that the presentation would be predictable. It was anything but.

The highlight of it was first showing a picture of her two younger sisters 2 years ago and then again today. They had become obese in less than two years. She then interviewed them about how they felt about being obese and what they can do change that. It was so raw and real and I had never really talked to a fat child about why they were fat. The girls knew they were obese and they explained how it was hard to make friends and what they could do to not be fat. She spoke about her mom and how she is obese too. Overall the presentation really touched me and I raised my hand after and said that I commended her for opening up her life to us and that the interview with her sisters really added to the presentation. The class agreed. After class that girl came up to me and thanked me for my comment and said she was glad that it went over well. She feared that we would think she was throwing her family under the bus or blaming her mom for her sister’s condition. I told her it definitely didn’t come off that way.

Most of the presentations were very good because I think the people were passionate about their topics. I barely have chosen mine. I know that I wanted to talk about Campus Recreation in general because I am passionate about that, but I decided to talk about students with disabilities in relation to campus recreation. I hope I can pull it together for next week.

So the semester is nearing its end and I can’t believe I’m almost 1/4 done with everything. It went by very fast and if I would have told myself in the beginning that all of these things would happen, i would not have believed myself.

This past weekend I played in the 2-ball soccer tournament. This is like indoor soccer but there are two balls. Play never stops and the refs just record goals and fouls. At half time, we take penalty kicks for how many fouls there were. I had to shoot I think 4 or 5 throughout the tournament and I made them all! I played pretty well in the games. I am definitely better at indoor soccer I think than outdoor. We won the women’s league, but my corec team lost in the finals. Story of our lives haha. I was soooooo sore that night and the days after. Heck, I’m still sore! It is one of the most tiring sports cuz there is no stopping. Indoor soccer is tiring enough but when through another ball in the mix, there is no down time during the game.

I went out Friday night for the first time in a really long time. I drank more than I usually do and so the next day I was not feeling the best. I am glad I went out though because it was really fun and I hadn’t done it in a while. I met a lot of people and enjoyed myself.

I have started thinking about where I am going to live next year. This one girl Chesca in my class tonight is actually in every one of my classes. I haven’t really hung out with her besides class, but she is very nice and I asked her about her living situation. She says she has an extra room in her place and it costs 275 a month! Since I pay my own rent, that sounded amazing. I still haven’t seen the place and it is a little bit far, but I think it possibly could be worth it. You can have dogs there too. I wish so badly that I could get a dog, but since I fly home instead of drive I don’t think it would work. I really want my own dog one day!

Soccer and Soup

Soccer playoffs are off and running, which means I have had to deal with a lot of teams wanting reschedules. When a team requests one, I have to find a spot open in our schedule, then call the other team to see if it’s ok. Well, our online system has everyone’s phone number, but often it is their home phone number. So I have talked to many parents the past couple weeks and it is always awkward. For example, I’m like “Uhh is Jerred there?” Since a women answered I assume it’s the Mom so I explain the situation. Usually they are like oh ok yea here is his cell phone number. I have had a couple not give it and say they will talk to their kid for me. It’s like um that doesn’t help haha.

Both my IM Soccer teams are still in it for playoffs. For women’s, we are probably going to win it all. I lucked out by getting on this team. For CoRec, we are also pretty good. We play tonight against a pretty good team, but I think we will pull it out. For the championships, we get to play where the OSU women’s soccer team plays. Their field is soo nice and a lot bigger than hours.

I don’t know what I am going to do with myself once soccer is over. I have some big papers and projects do. Oh I forgot that 3 v 3 playoffs will be starting so I get to deal with those reschedules too. But things are dying down around here. I can’t believe I have almost been here a semester. It went by sooo fast. I think these two years are going to go by ridiculously fast.

Yesterday I spent the whole day working on a paper. We were supposed to do a new recreational activity twice a week for four weeks and then we had to write about it and apply leisure theory to the experience. It was due at 6:45 pm and I had about 2 paragraphs at 8 am. It ended up being a little over 5 pages even thought it was supposed to be 3-5. Since I actually did spin class twice a week I had real info to go off of instead of just making it all up.

Oh I totally forgot about my soup story. OK so since I am sick I wanted soup. I went to Food Pyramid, got my soups and went to the front to pay. I realized right as I was paying that I forgot to get tissues, which I desperately needed. I paid for the soup and the lady said she would hold them in the bag as I went to go get tissues. I come back and since her line was longer, I paid for the tissues in another line. I go up to her after and I’m like, “Sooo can I have my soup?” She looks surprised and starts looking around for them. Her reply was, “Ohh yea I think someone took them.” I am miserable and sick and I just want soup so i am not happy at this point. I respond with “Uhh can I get two free ones then!?” That seemed like a legitimate request to me and she pondered that for a second and said, “I guess that makes sense.” I was just like duh it makes sense. I paid for those! I didn’t say that part I was just like shocked that she didn’t come to this conclusion her self. I got my new soups and went on my way.

Today I am going to play with some puppies. One of my friends just got a new pup and it’s ridiculously cute. I will of course take lots of pictures.

The Blog is Back

Hellooo everyone,

Sorry I went on a couple week break from the blog. But it has returned!! Sooo much to write about since I haven’t written in so long.  Well, last weekend I went to Nebraska for a flag football tournament. Never did I think I would ever go there, funny how life works like that. Manny along with one of our officials, Jason, came too. We woke up at 6 am and left for Lincoln Nebraska, which was about a 6.5 hour drive. We ate at this place called Phat Jack’s BBQ when we got there. Whenever I am at a new food place, I often ask something like what is your most popular item or something like that. I asked that and the lady behind the counter, who looked like she was from Nebraska..and not in a good way…replied with oh its this brisket thing that “just melts in your  mouth” and she followed that up with, and we are all out.

The reason I was asking was so I could order better but her response didn’t help since they were all out…so then I asked,  “Uh then what is your 2nd most popular thing.” She didn’t really like that question and Manny was getting irritated waiting so he moved in front of me and ordered. Next time I think I will ask, “What do you recommend?” and there won’t be any confusion.

The hotel we stayed at was extremely sketchy. The woman who worked the front desk only had like one front tooth and had just been smoking outside when we walked in. The hotel was a Quality Inn, but let me tell ya..there was nothing quality about it. I roomed with 2 other girls who were both officials for the tournament. When I got to my room I realized our toilet was not working at all. I called the front desk to have someone come fix it and this guy in overalls knocks on my door. He fixed it kind of because while it did flush for the rest of the weekend, it made noise throughout the night.

My committee for the tournament was All-Tournament Staff which means we just sit and watch the games and pick out the best players. It is very easy. The hard part was sitting in the freezing cold! I was wearing 5 long sleeve layers, two pant layers and I had a blanket on me. I was still very cold. We got this awesome blue vests to wear that weekend. I had so many layers on that Manny said it looked like my arms wouldn’t really bend and they would stick out like penguin arms. But hey, a girl’s gotta stay warm. The whole weekend was really fun and I met a lot of people. On the car ride home, I learned how to use cruise control. Yes I had never used it before… and wow I love it! It took some convincing from the boys for me to even use it but I tried it out and now I love it.

So this past weekend I went to Davis! Wooo it was fun to see my undergrad and all my old friends. Mans goes there now and I was her sorority date for her formal. It felt pretty weird to go back there because everything looked the same, but it felt different. It wasn’t like it was when I went there . We went to the UC Davis soccer game on Saturday. We lost but it was exciting and fun to cheer on the players, many of whom I know.

I had to do a lot of traveling for this trip. Thursday morning at 3 am, I left my house to drive two hours to the airport in Wichita. I hadn’t even slept yet. I was getting really tired in the second half of the car ride. I kept singing really loud to keep myself awake. I passed out in the waiting area before my flight and any time I sat down that day, I fell asleep. My seat partner for the second flight was this larger older man. It was like we were at the movies in one of those love seats where the arm rest is up. There was no way that arm rest was coming down because it would have been over half his thigh. He kept talking to me even though I was trying to sleep and he had some major TMI. Like one comment was, “I lived in Tyler Texas for two years and I didn’t make one friend.” And he talked about how only after his 4th heart attack did he start feeling cold. Before that, he could be in shorts in below freezing weather. And I wasn’t surprised when he said he was divorced.

The way back wasn’t much better. I am sick and so I am in that need to blow my nose every second phase. That doesn’t go well with having to be squished next to strangers for hours on end. I could tell they were a little uncomfortable with my sneezing and blowing of my nose constantly. But believe me, I would much rather be them and be near a sick person than be the actual sick person.

Everyone in davis was pretty shocked by my blond hair. When I saw someone who I hadn’t seen in a while I started just being like, “Yes my hair is blond.” Cuz they would just look at me in kinda a weird way but wouldn’t say anything.

Here is a picture of the new IM field at davis that they just made  into turf. My old bosses and I checked it out after lunch.

So yesterday on the way to the airport, we stopped at a gas station. I saw these gloves just chillin at the front and I thought they were Dallas Cowboys gloves. My friend Brad loves the Cowboys so I bought them for him. Then when I got in the car I showed my friend Sal what I bought and he starting laughing. The gloves were actually Colts gloves. What a waste of 8 dollars. I texted Brad asking if he still wanted them but he said he’d pass. So Sal got a new pair of Colts gloves!

So that’s all I am going to write for now. But it does feel good to do the blog again. Thanks for reading!

Dodge Dart

I booked a flight back to Davis for Nov 8-11.  I found a pretty good deal, but it flies out of Wichita which is 2 hours away and its a 6:50 am flight. This should be fun…not! But when I actually get there it will be amazing. Mans has her sorority formal that weekend so I am going to be her date! I get to see a lot of friends and coworkers too and I can’t wait to talk to my old bosses about my experience thus far.

On Thursday, it was extremely windy and I had to be outside for a while working for this event called Dodge Dart. Dodge is going to give our officials association a lot of money if we helped them promote their cars for two days. We would ask people to enter a raffle to win a car of their choosing for up to 45,000 dollars. We would also give away sunglasses, ping pong balls, flash drives, deoderant, and body wash. Being a salesman was fun for about the first hour and then after that it got annoying because some people just don’t respond to you or when you ask them, “Want free stuff?” they respond with “Nah.” It’s like who doesn’t want free stuff? Also, the wind got so bad our tents would fall down and papers would fly everywhere. We eventually moved it inside but not til the end of my shift. Here is a picture of the tent we eventually had to take down cuz of the wind.

We also had two dodge darts parked next to us that people could sit in or look at.

Later that day, I had the badminton doubles tournament that I was in charge of. The tournament turned out well but it was a little stressful because some of the teams had time issues like they couldn’t play from 5:30pm-6:30pm so we’d have to change the tournament all around because of them. Also, some teams would leave to get food and come back an hour later being like oh there was traffic. It was fun though and I think in the end it turned out well.

That night, the 49ers were playing. So Manny, Jace and I watched at Brad’s. He made this amazing dinner and I had to take a picture of it.

I did my first fantasy basketball draft ever this night. I got the last pick of the draft which sucked so my first pick was Dirk Nowitzke. I found out that he got surgery on his knee and will be out til the middle of november. Great. My other notable players are Manu Ginobili, James Harden, Tyson Chandler, Kevin Garnett and some other good ones I think. I am the only chick in the league so can’t wait to beat the boys haha.

This weekend is homecoming weekend and people take that pretty seriously here. There is thing called a walk-around where 1,000′s of people walk around looking at all these displays that the frats and sororities make. Here is a picture of one.

The displays are made out of medal bars, wire and tissue paper. I found out the other day that the act of actually putting the tissue paper into the displays is called pomping. It’s actually pretty intricate and cool to look at. It reminds me of when I was little, I used to go this one street during Christmas time just to see houses that put up amazing Christmas lights. Everyone here just walks around and looks at the displays but they are way cooler than any lights. Tomorrow we play Iowa State in football. Apparently they were our only loss last year so hopefully they will want revenge. We have yet to beat a really good team and Iowa State is ranked.

Sorry if this blog was boring but not too many exciting things happened this week. I did get almost a whole week off of school because two of my three classes were canceled for some reason. It was awesome! haha k go pokes!


My friend Brad and I made a deal. I would make him dinner and he would write me a story. He is a great chef, while I am not and I am a good writer, while he claims not to be. So Sunday night was to be the reveal of our dinner/story. I decided to make eggplant parmesan because I have made this dozens of times with my family. I never made it by myself but I had seen it done enough times to figure it out. I went shopping for all the ingredients and at the first Walmart I went to, there was no eggplant. I was a little annoyed but then I went to Food Pyramid, another supermarket…no eggplant again! I was like what the heck! Then I went to this place called Consumers…and what do you know, still no eggplant. My last hope was the second Walmart. If it wasn’t here I had no idea what I was going to do. I walked in and when I saw those little eggplants on the shelf, it was like a light was shining down on them. I was so happy and I grabbed like all of them because they were rather small. When the cashier asked me how my day was going, I told her about my eggplant hunt and how this was the 4th store I had been to. She didn’t seem to care that much. I then went to Brad’s and started to make my dish.

This job is a lot harder when it is only one person and I wouldn’t let Brad help me because I wanted to do it all myself. Somehow he guessed what I was going to make even though I never even told him one ingredient. I listened to the 49ers game while I was cooking and thank god I just listened because it was an awful game! I am still a fan of course but we lost pretty badly. The SF Giants also lost that day. Not a good day for Bay area sports. Well, the eggplant parmesean turned out great! Brad gave me his story the next night and it was actually very good and funny.

I played IM Soccer last night with that women’s team. We won and I scored my first goal of my IM Soccer career here. I was very excited but made a effort not to show it. I have a good feeling that this team is going to win it all because everyone is really good and we have won all our games so far pretty easily. Ok that is all the exciting things that have happened this week. I’ll write again soon.

Big 12 Conference

I went to a NIRSA conference in Iowa this week called the Big 12 Conference. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be in Iowa for a couple days next year, I would have said, “Where’s Iowa?” Haha I still barely know where it is, but I do know that it is freezing there, there are lots of leaves and trees, and they love their least at Iowa State.

So I left my house at 5:45 am on Wednesday and 11 of us stuffed into a van that fit 11. I sat in the passenger seat for the first half of the trip and the big people in the car were not too happy about that. I was thinking about it and like small people never get the front seat and they always are thrown in the middle seats.  A common phrase is, “you’re small, why don’t you sit in the middle.” Well what if I don’t want to sit in the middle!? So I convinced a couple small people on the trip that I took the passenger seat for all of us, to fight the stereotype that big people always get that seat. When I told Manny and Jace about this, both big guys, they were like well duh the taller people should get the front seat. Guess it’s all about perspective.

I didn’t know everyone in the van because there were three departments represented, but after these past 3 days, I feel like I know them all very well. On the way to Iowa, we stopped in Kansas at a place called Oklahoma Joe’s. It was a BBQ restaurant in a gas station. It was sooo good and worth the 30 minute line.

The keynote speaker for the event was Fred Hoiberg. I had never heard of him before but he played 10 years in the NBA, worked for the Timberwolves, played basketball at Iowa State and now coaches the basketball team there. And to top it all off, he is extremely handsome and young looking lol. He had some funny stories about his time in the NBA and he spoke about players that I had heard of which I thought was cool. He was very charasmatic and I was sad to hear that he was married with four kids lol.

That night, the group wanted to go out, but that was the last thing I wanted to do. It was freezing out, I was tired and we had to be up at 8 am. I drove them all to the bars and went back to the hotel and watched baseball. There were some damn good games on the past couple nights! The A’s thriller where they scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th to win it, Ibanez of the Yankees scoring a walk off home run and the Giants staying alive and eventually winning the series! I found myself cheering for the Giants and A’s even though I really could care less about them when I did live in California. I feel like once you move away from your home to another state, you become all proud and supportive of those teams from your home. At least that is what has happened for me.

The next day there were educational sessions that we could go to. I went to this once called VIRT- violent incidents response training. It was actually the most worthwhile session I could have gone to. It was presented by two Iowa State campus police officers and it was about what you should do if there is a shooter on the loose, like the Virginia Tech, Aurora, Columbine incidents. I was already very interested in this topic and did sometimes wonder what you are supposed to do in those situations. The take home messages of this were, hiding under a desk or playing dead and hoping you will survive is not a good response to something like this. You want to make noise, try to escape, throw things, distract the shooter and do whatever you can to survive, instead of just hiding underneath something and praying. Another important thing is that we all need to report any unusual things to the police. Don’t assume that someone else called 911 about two people fighting on the street or whatever it is. Even if it turns out that the event was not dangerous and didn’t need police, it is way better to call than to not. The training was about 2 hours and I came out of it thinking every person should go through this. The presenters explained how the public is the first responders to incidents like this. States spend millions of dollars to train police officers to take down shooters, however most of the shootings will be over by the time the police have gotten there. So the people are the ones who need to learn what to do in these situations.

I ended up sitting with the police officers at lunch and I told them I was originally from UC Davis. I asked if they had heard of the pepper spray incident last November. They had and their opinion on the matter was very pro-police obviously. The one guy was like well all those people could have easily gotten up. It’s their own fault. Or something like that. I just nodded and responded with, well I think the officer who peppered sprayed the students probably regrets it because he was fired, along with the chief of police. He explained that as a police officer, if you are not close to getting fired or people are not complaining about you, you aren’t doing your job right. He then followed that up explaining how it’s all politics about who gets fired after stuff like that. And he said, “Figures though, UC Davis is super liberal right?” That made me laugh. It reminded me that I was in a very different part of the country, where the term liberal means something negative.

Later that day, we got a tour of Iowa State and their recreation centers. They had a huge, gorgeous, clean rec center. It opened just this last year and it was probably twice as big as OSU’s rec center. The campus itself was very nice and leafy. Housing there is even cheaper than Stillwater, which I didn’t even know was possible. I could never move there though, just because it is way too cold. I can’t handle it.

I talked to the director of UT’s Rec Sports at the conference. His name is Tom Dison and he is actually a UC Davis grad. I got to know him at the national conference last year because he came to the UC Davis alumni lunch we had and since I was interviewing with UT then, I talked to him a couple other times during the conference. It was cool to see him again and he was very nice. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I did go to UT.  I really have no idea, but things would definitely be different.

We all went out to dinner later that night and we were at the restaurant for 2.5 hours…not the best service! I ordered calamari for my little table (we were all in the same room but at different tables) and the girls had never tried it before. I was shocked, but I knew that they would like it. I guess we eat calamari a lot more in California.

It was Jason’s birthday that day, and so we all went out to the bars. But again, I just wasn’t feeling it so I went home around 11 30pm. I was sound asleep by 12 30 and then I get a phone call from Manny at 2 am. I don’t answer it because I know right away that it’s Manny calling to have me pick them up. Then the hotel phone goes off and I am just like this is not happening. I answered and it was what I thought. I was very annoyed but I got up and picked up everyone up at the bars. Being in a car with drunk people when you are not drunk is pretty fun actually. There was a lot of dancing and yelling going on, and I got out of my sour mood because it was kind of funny. They were very thankful that I got them because it was freezing and they would have had to walk back.

Today we were on the road for 9.5 hours. I had to drive for half of it and at one point, it was pouring ridiculously hard.  I think I am ok driver, but I get flustered easily. During this downpour, I was very “uncomfortable” as I kept saying. I could barely see in front of me and I was driving this van that was way bigger than what I was used to. We got through it alive though.

So a little side note. I realized that I do not write in this blog as much as I used to. There is a reason for that and it’s not just because I am more busy. I found out that some people were reading this blog not to see what I was up to, but to make fun of it..and not in a nice joking way either. This really affected me writing more posts because now I felt like I had to filter what I wrote, and that’s not how I like to write. I know that this blog is not for those people, but for the friends and family members at home who I miss very much. I know how much they like reading this and I can’t let stupid people get in the way of that.  So I am going to try to write more often, like ever 2-3 days.

Alright bed time. Thanks for reading.


Sorry I haven’t wrote in a while. Here are some highlights from the week.

The other night we all went to the strip. When we were walking into Murphy’s there was a man standing outside of the bar and he looked like he was the bouncer. He looked at our ID’s and we walked in. Then there was another guy standing there taking our ID’s. We asked why we had to show it twice. He looked confused and we explained that there was someone taking our ID’s before we walked in. The inside bouncer walked outside, looked at the guy, then came back in and said, “I have never seen that guy in my life.” Soo basically some random dude was just standing there taking ID’s! I thought that was pretty funny.

Yesterday, Jason and I made home-made pizza. I have been really down the past couple of days for reasons I can’t discuss in the blog, but it’s really helped me realize who my true friends are. Jason is definitely one of those true friends. He is also my life coach. This started out as a joke, but now it’s actually becoming real lol. I go to him with my problems and he usually has really good advice. He says he might make a career out of it since his first client is showing such great results haha.

Today I worked a lot on a project that is due tomorrow. It was one of those projects though that is really easy to get into and I started to look forward to working on it. I also went shopping at TJ Maxx. I am going to a NIRSA conference later this week and I wanted to buy more nice clothes. I don’t think I had ever been to TJ Maxx before but I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t too expensive and there was a lot to choose from.

I got a really cool gift today. Brad bought me this awesome 49ers jacket! I wore it to Buffalo Wild Wings as I watched the game. Some guy next to me was also cheering for the 49ers and he looked at me and asked if I was a fan too. I pointed to my jacket and said of course!

There were some roudy and very intoxicated Bears fans at Buffalo Wild Wings. Made me not like the Bears just because these guys were so obnoxious. At one point someone near me yelled at the table asking the guy’s friend to calm him down. The Bears fan yelled back, “My girl can’t even control me!”  Everyone around him thought that was pretty funny.

Lakers preseason started tonight! Lakers season is just around the corner. SO EXCITED!!! I am in a fantasy basketball league now. We shall see how I do. I have learned a lot about fantasy football from Brad and I think next year I might try that. This year I will stick to what I know, the NBA!

Thanks for reading.


On Sunday, my 49ers won. I say my 49ers because I am a fan now. Last year I was a bandwagon fan, and now I think I am real one. I don’t know why everyone hates on bandwagon fans. Like if someone wants to cheer for the Lakers because they are the best team, who cares?? Of course you still gotta support those teams if they start doing badly, which I do for the 49ers and Lakers, but if you originally became a fan because they were rocking, that’s all good by me.

Sunday night I played flag football. I did ok in both of the games but not my best. No touchdowns :( I played IM soccer Monday night. Suzi, a girl on my floor hockey team, said her women’s team needed more players so I ran home and got my cleats and was super excited. Suzi failed to tell me that the team was all going to wear black shirts and I had on a light blue one. The main captain girl was really intimidating and she reminded me of why I quit club soccer. I hate the negative energy that happens when you do something wrong. This always leads to me playing to not do anything wrong, instead of playing just for fun. I could tell that this was her team and so she was very into winning, but I was definitely scared of her. I think I sometimes acted like that with my IM Soccer team at Davis. After two years of being on the team and having the biggest desire to win, if someone on the team was playing badly, I would let them know. I’d try to say it nicely but sometimes I was just really heated from the game.

I am not even sure if I am allowed to play with this girls team again and not sure if I want to either. I didn’t do bad in the game, but I lost the ball once that led to the other team scoring. The captain girl moved me to other side of the field when that happened which made me feel like the worst player ever. I had some other good plays, but they didn’t pass to me all that much.

Last night, my corec soccer team played. We lost 1-0. I should have scored twice but it just didn’t happen. My refs were not the best and they would get the out of bounds call wrong more than they got it right. Like the other team would obviously kick it straight out of bounds and the assistant ref would point his flag in their direction. I tried to talk to this guy after the game, but he didn’t even look at me and he walked away. As he ran off I was thinking you know who I am? Not sure what I am going to do about him but he definitely is going to have to talk to me before he is scheduled again.

I did spin class again yesterday. That is now the 4th time and I am getting better at it. My butt hurts less, I want to throw up less during, and I am push myself harder. I hope I can stick with it. Spin class reminds me of when I used to run. I would run to far away places so it was impossible to walk because it would take a very long time to walk back to my house. This is similar in that I am forced to continue spinning because if I got off the bike, everyone would see and I’d look like a wimp lol.

Here is a picture of part of the spin class. There were people there, just not in the first row.

Last night when I was coming back to my apartment, I skunk was chillin right in our little hallway outside of the front door. I was very startled and it took me about 10 minutes to actually approach the front door again. I didn’t know where the skunk went but these little animals terrify me!

Ok nap time. Thanks for reading.

Best Game Day Ever!!!

Wow. I had the most blog-worthy day! Here it goes.

All the GA’s had to work a parking lot on game day.  Manny, Jason, Garrett and I got stuck with the 2:30-4pm shift so we couldn’t tailgate before then. Our job was to collect 20 bucks from each car as they parked in this huge lot. Once the lot was full, we got to leave. So I held the sign that said parking 20 dollars and was really trying to get cars to come because we all wanted to leave and tailgate. We had been there 5 minutes when the parking lot across the street opened up and these little boy scouts were trying to get cars to park in their lot. It became this competition to see who could get the cars to their lots. I actually did pretty well and we got more cars than they did haha. We got to leave at 3:45 pm and then game day really started.

We went to Brad’s to tailgate. We had a lot of catching up to do since everyone else had been drinking since noon. Around 6 pm, I headed to the stadium and got the awesome first row seat! Here is the view at the beginning of the day.

My dad was watching the game at home and he texted me asking if I was standing next to someone in a black shirt. And I was! I told everyone around me that we were on TV. When he texted me a screen shot of it I was shocked that he could see me because I couldn’t even see myself. It reminded me of how mothers can always hear their own child’s voice amongst others and I guess my dad could see me among tons of fans lol.

The student section is located on the Texas side and they kept holding up such weird signs that I guess were play calls. Here is a picture of just a couple of the signs they held up.

A rumor was circling that Kevin Durant was in the stadium. He went to UT so I didn’t think anything of it until all of a sudden KD walks right in front of me. I freak out of course. And everyone around me was freaking out. I took so many pics of him from far away because that is all I thought I would get. These are some of the first pics I took. There are about 15 just like this.

I saw another tall black guy near KD and we realized that it was Serge Ibaka! I was almost as stoked to see him. So after about 30 minutes of us (or mostly me) yelling at KD to come over and take a picture with us, Serge Ibaka decides to come!!! He sits down on this first aid cabinet that was right below us on the field. Here is the best picture ever.

I love that Serge actually smiles in pictures. I saw KD take a lot of pics with people and he only smiled if it was someone he knew, like a UT staff person. So I don’t feel too bad that he didn’t smile in any of the pics with us.

After we got the picture with Serge, Matt the guy next to me asked KD to take a picture with us. I think he said something like Serge just did it! And it worked!! Once everyone saw that we were about to get a picture with KD, people started pushing together and leaning forward. I remember Travis being like “I’m getting squished! Take the picture!!”

KD doesn’t look too happy but like I said he really didn’t smile in any of the pics I saw him take.

So KD and Serge made there way to the end zone and said hi to some more fans and I thought that was the end of my interactions with them. I was ok with that because it was still pretty epic. But that was not all! Eventually they made their way back and both sat on the first aid cabinet on the field which was RIGHT under me. Here are the backs of them.

I could have easily reached out and touch them. I was in the perfect position to give KD a back massage, but I restrained myself haha. We talked to them while they sat there. I shook KD’s hand and introduced myself and said something like, “You’re one of the good ones on and off the court.” He said thanks but probably didn’t really mean it. I asked Serge if he was ready for training camp on Tuesday and he said yes. The guys around me were asking a lot of questions and I had to stop myself from talking to them too much because I didn’t want to annoy them. The guys asked Serge if he played FIFA and if he was going to win the Defensive Player of the Year. They literally sat there for about a quarter and I kept looking down being like is this real life?? I wanted to focus on the game because it was a really good game, but these two NBA players were seriously inches from me. They did move after a bit and we focused on the game.

We did get one more picture! My friends didn’t want me to ask them for another picture, but I was like I am never going to probably see them again this close. Who cares if they are a little annoyed. I want another pic! So I asked and they said yes. Now everyone was happy I asked and we push together and this was the end product.

This game was awesome not just because of all of this but because it was an amazing game too! It went back and forth and I cheered so much. I even got on the big screen in the stadium!! We did lose, but I still had a blast. It was wayy more fun than the two other games where it was just a blow out and I left before halftime. I stayed til the very end.

On our way home, Manny and I had a conversation about if KD hated that no matter where he goes everyone is going to want a picture with him, his autograph, a high five, or something from him. That he couldn’t even go to the grocery store or get a cup of coffee without getting bombarded by fans. I understand what he is saying but from my point of view, it’s like that one high five or picture could make that person’s day. All these pics and conversations with him made my day! He has so much power to make people happy just by saying hi or signing an autograph. Yea it probably does suck at times for him, but I am sure he is used to it. I hope he realizes though how something so little from him really can make someone’s day/week or even life. Like this was definitely the highlight of my week and probably month.

Alright thanks for reading. Go Pokes!! We’ll get em next time.

Life Updates

On Sunday night, the roommates and I had dinner together. Christian made this awesome chicken dish using her crock pot and Sofia made an easy but very yummy Brazilian dessert. Sofia just moved in on Sunday so I don’t know her too well yet, but she seems really nice and cute. She is from Brazil and has an accent and she is a vet student.

I have done spin class twice on the past two Tuesdays. My friend Brad does the class a lot and he convinced me to try. It is really hard! The first time I did it, I was the only newbie in the class and I was just trying to finish the class and not stop. I did complete it but my butt hurt so bad from sitting on that miniature seat. I think I remember telling myself after it was done that I would never do spin class again. But then Tuesday rolled around again and somehow I decide to try again. This time was not as bad I think. Half the class were people who had never done spin before so I felt like a pro. At first a lot of the girls who were new kept laughing and talking each other. I knew that would stop after 5 minutes and sure enough they all shut up once they realized that spin class is no joke! For one of my Leisure Studies classes, we have to do a recreational activity that we have never done before for 4 weeks (2-3 times a week). Then we have to write some paper on it. I realized today that I could use spin class for it! And it will force me to go at least twice a week.

IM Soccer has been going well so far. I was supposed to play Tuesday night with my CoRec team but if we see any lightning, the games are canceled. And there was tons of lightning. We stayed out there anyways and scrimmaged. I did just ok but it was cool to meet all my new teammates and to actually play soccer again. I think we are going to win it all this year. I always think that about all my IM Soccer teams though. Either I am too optimistic or I am always on good teams! Hopefully the latter.

I scored a goal in floor hockey! It was such an awesome moment. Jace gave me the perfect pass and I just tapped it in there. Girl goals are worth 2 so we went from being down 2-1 to being up 3-2! We lost the game 5-6 though. Heartbreaking loss once again. I am definitely getting better at floor hockey though. During the second period, I see one of supervisors Greg knocking on the glass window and motioning for me to come over. I realize it has something to do with IM Soccer. Apparently all the lights went out on both of our fields. And all the street lights were out too. I was just like ahh I can’t deal with this now!! We had to cancel the games for the night, but nothing we could really do.

This morning everyone was talking about how a Junior High kid shot himself at a school here in Stillwater. It’s pretty sad and everyone just seems super shocked. Stuff like this doesn’t really happen here. It definitely could have been worse if he shot at other students, but it is still extremely sad. His name was Cade Poulos. I like the name Cade.

Happier topic…Can’t wait for this weekend!!! Texas is coming into town for football and if you all remember, I almost went there! I was one of their final two choices for their GA position and in the end they chose the other candidate. Don’t think I would have chose to go there even if they did choose me. Oklahoma State was the right fit for me. For the game on Saturday, I will be in the first row again! My friend Travis who always gets the best seats said they already know that they got the first row. I guess what they do is camp out and then everyone who is camping out pulls numbers and that is the order that you go in. They pulled number 1 and so I’m going to have the best seat ever!! Look for me! lol. Ok thanks for reading and I’ll write again soon.